Welcome to Good Pepper Studio


When we started Good Pepper in 2018, a studio space of our own was immediately one of our primary goals, but the prospect felt both overwhelming and elusive. As first time business owners with a DIY spirit and shoestring budget, we got creative, transforming our home kitchens, dining rooms and porches into makeshift studios so we could start making work right away. The rest of our time was spent working in countless coffee shops across the city, like so many other freelancers and entrepreneurs, paying our rent with one latte after another. It was exciting but also exhausting. There was no way around it - we’d need a space of our own to keep up with the work we were taking on, and fast.

Luckily, we soon found the perfect spot in a repurposed warehouse in Chicago’s Kinzie Industrial Corridor, alongside some of our best friends in the food industry. It needed a good scrub and few coats of paint, but the high ceilings, exposed beams, whitewashed brick and sun-drenched, south-facing windows had us swooning.


The next order of business was building out a kitchen. We were determined to do the bulk of the work ourselves and repurpose used pieces whenever possible. The Rebuilding Exchange, a Chicago non-profit warehouse filled with reclaimed building materials and a mission to promote sustainability, was a wonderful resource. There we found a great old cabinet set, a little worse for wear but with lovely vintage lines and hardware. With some expert help, we leveled, reinforced and painted the cabinets and transformed an extra piece into a custom island/bar. That set the tone for our black and white loft-style kitchen, the rest of which came together with a mixture of vintage and new pieces with lots of bright open space.

In a few short months, the Good Pepper Studio has become a peaceful space for generating ideas and making creative work. Endlessly adaptable, it’s a wonderful blank canvas for artistic possibilities, good food and conversation.

For more information about the studio or Good Pepper’s creative services, please get in touch.

Friends & Resources: Metric Coffee, Sand and Stain, The Rebuilding Exchange, Waldo Mid-Century, Habitat for Humanity Restore